Your Fleet and Gas Mileage

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Honstein Oil and gas strives to give our clients and customers the highest quality gas, oils and lubricants and to supply optimum fuel support for fleet operators. We are constantly looking for ways to increase our efficiency and send that down the line to our customers. As gas prices fluctuate, so to do the costs of running a fleet. In fact, fuel prices can eat up a large chunk of fleet budget and end up hurting profits. Fleet operators are great at what they do and as a support for you and our clients we have a few tips to help your drivers conserve their fuel and maximize their fleet and gas mileage.

  • Have a solid routing plan. Nothing kills gas mileage faster than unnecessary stops, starts and idling in traffic. For fleet operators this can put a huge dent in fuel budgets. Having a detailed route and utilizing GPS-based technology for current road conditions will help you and your drivers plan the most cost-effective route that not only delivers, but saves on gas mileage as well.


  • Get Control over those lead feet. Drivers know they are on the clock, and to make up for unexpected delays, may hit the gas more than they should. This aggressive driving burns fuel every time they over-accelerate. Work with your drivers to find cost effective solutions to maintain time and save on gas. This may be the time to go over scheduling and expected deliveries and make adjustments to compensate for unpredictable driving conditions and cutdown on laying on the gas to make up time.


  • Make maintenance a priority. Scheduled maintenance is a vital part of keeping a fleet running at peak performance. Not keeping to a maintenance schedule means lost dollars when it comes to fuel efficiency. Little problems under-inflated tires or dirty air filters can cut into fuel economy. Keep your maintenance schedule and make little repairs immediately. A smooth-running fleet uses less fuel and delivers the best performance.


These are just a few ways to increase gas mileage for your fleet in the face of ever changing gas prices. While the price of gas and oil is out of our control, as fleet operators, with some creativity and work, mileage can be optimized, and money saved.

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