How the Right Coolant Can Benefit Your Vehicle

No matter what you drive, it’s important to always choose the right coolant for your vehicle. If you aren’t choosing the right coolant, your engine may freeze or overheat, which may lead to serious damage to your engine. Choosing the right coolant for your vehicle is an inexpensive way to potentially save thousands of dollars […]

The Nitty Gritty of Owning a Convenience Store

Leaving city limits and getting out on the open road means leaving behind the familiar and embracing the new. As a convenience/gas station owner, you know that you are an integral part of people getting on the road to start a new adventure. The well-placed convenience/gas duo becomes a welcome respite for weary road warriors […]

Are you ready for PC-11? Honstein Oil can help with all your PC-11 needs

Planning for PC-11: Three Key Traits to Look for in CK-4 and FA-4 Oils… Changes in engine design to meet new emissions and fuel economy regulations have raised some concerns in the industry. However, the new PC-11 oils being developed go beyond typical attributes of current engine lubricants. They’ve been designed to help extend the […]