Life on the Road and the Prospects of a Career in Truck Driving

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Most young people are heading out into a world of uncertainty. The questions of college, job training and prospects can become overwhelming as they consider the directions their lives are taking them. Most of these young men and women just don’t know what they want to do, and many may even look outside the expected to find a unique career they might not have considered. One job most people see but few really know about is becoming a truck driver. From driving a Walmart delivery truck to aiding fuel distributors in New Mexico, truckers make an invaluable addition to everyday societal functions and the moving of goods and services cross country. When all this is considered, it’s important to take a closer look at what is expected of a truck driver.

• First and foremost, training is essential. Extra schooling and training is required to get a commercial license to become a truck driver. Even getting a commercial license will be a complicated process since commercial licenses are broken up into sub-groups depending on weight of trucks being driven and trailer types.

• The pay isn’t too shabby either. Once training is completed and licenses are obtained, the average truck driver can expect to earn pay per mileage with the average first year income of about $35,000 and between $45,000 to $55,000 or more after the first year. Pay ultimately depends on the type of driving being done and the company the drivers are working for.

• You get to see the country but it’s all driving. While this job might seem to be the answer to anyone suffering from wanderlust, the job consists mainly of driving and a lot of it. In many cases drivers are expected to work 70 hours over an 8-day period with as much as 14 hours a day of driving. There is mandatory time off and limits to how much driving per day to protect safety, but becoming a truck driver means learning to love the road and the driving.

• The pay is decent but the time away can be hard. While the pay is great when compared to the amount of training that’s involved, there will be a lot of time away from friends and family.

Truck driving is a valuable job skill to posses and may be the perfect career choice to many a wondering individual.

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