The Useful Oil

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There are a number of useful elements out in nature; zinc, copper and gold are a few that come to mind. Many elements can be used in manufacturing to create handy everyday items that make life a little easier. Among the most useful substances found in nature, crude oil has to be near the top of the list. The very same substance that makes the oil and fuel distributed by Honstein Oil also makes some pretty surprising everyday items.
For starters, crude oil is the main ingredient in gasoline and engine lubricant. Oil in general keeps the automotive world moving-literally. Other fuels like diesel, and even jet fuel are also derived from oil. Gases such as butane are produced from oil as well.

On the industrial and construction side, oil has been responsible for some impressive creations. Asphalt, for example, is an oil derived invention. Without asphalt, roads would be much harder to maintain.
Different chemicals released through the refining process, once thought to be waste products, were studied, experimented with and discovered to have applications outside of industrial or automotive. Oil is responsible for a surprising number of every-day products. Many wax-based cleaning products were created from oil. Other household items like detergents, soaps and perfumes come from oil as well.

The most impressive oil-based creation, hands down, is plastic. Plastic is found in just about every aspect of modern American life. Items like plastic bags, children’s toys, vinyl siding and model cars and airplanes all started out as a barrel of oil. Polymers, also a side effect of the refining process, are used to create all types of plastics. No material has a wider array of uses than plastic. From building materials to furniture, plastic has transformed human life and brought convenience to everyday tasks.

Oil in its natural form is a slimy, dark, foul-smelling fluid. However, with a little refining and experimenting, its uses are truly endless.

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