Tank Equipment and Leasing

Honstein Oil is a full-service equipment solutions company. Every customer is different and we have the experience and know how to meet all equipment needs our clients come across.

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Our loaned equipment programs allow you to scale your equipment needs, whether you are expanding services or opening a new location.

We work with our customers to offer a wide variety of equipment for use in both fuel and lubricants applications. Honstein has the experience and the expertise to ensure reliability and cost savings for our customers looking at bulk deliveries.

Mostly importantly, we work with those customers when they need it, not three months down the road.

Honstein Oil has provided a number of customers from various industry sectors with specialized equipment needed to establish or expand their business operations. We work with you to come up with solutions that will meet your needs in any situation, we want to be your partner, not just a vendor. 

We have the resources for high-end equipment needs because we know you require a strong partner in helping you grow and flourish, today and in the years to come.