How to Reduce Fleet Costs

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Fleet managers nation-wide are hit with daily costs of running and maintaining their vehicles. Fuel prices, in particular, take a huge chunk out of the budget. Sadly, these costs don’t stay static as the cost of fuel constantly fluctuates. Whatever your fleet budget, there are ways to cut costs while maintaining performance. Below are a few ways to run your fleet and save some cash.

1. Seek for Solutions. How can you reduce your fleet costs? What strategies do you have in place to facilitate in lowering your costs? Start is with preventative maintenance. Regularly scheduled tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations and brake inspections are the first step in controlling fleet costs. Well maintained vehicles need less fuel and have minimal down time since issues are fixed or avoided all together.

2. Size Matters. Having enough vehicles for your fleet is key to smooth operations. However, evaluating your fleet to decide how many vehicles you really need can free up extra costs. Using recent and long-term reports on usage should give you a clear picture of how many vehicles you really need allowing you to make cuts if necessary.

3. Keep in Touch with your Drivers. Even the best drivers need a little evaluation to cut down on fleet costs. Driver behaviors like irregular speeding and slowing, excessive breaking and even excessive air condition use will add to overall fuel costs. Work with your drivers, install tracking systems to monitor performance, and use education and training to ensure your money is not being wasted when it comes to your drivers.

4. Use a Card. When using a fuel service for your fleet a fuel card comes in handy when trying to save money. Fuel cards usually come with incentives like discounts and promotions while also giving the option set a fuel purchasing cap. This will let you keep tighter control on your fleet prices by avoiding over-purchasing and various other costs drivers can rack up.

5. Get the Right Service. None of these tips are of value if you don’t have the right fuel or service. Honstein Oil has the highest quality products available for all your fleet fueling needs. We can also evaluate your current maintenance practices and provide a best in class assessment to show you where fleet performance can increase. Our custom Run Better Longer program will give your fleet the edge it needs to stay competitive, cut down on unwanted costs and increase performance.

Interested in how we can save you on fleet costs? Want to set up an RBL program to get the most out of your fleet? Contact us or call 800-224-8877 to see how we can help your fleet perform its best.

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