Transmission and Torque fluids

Type F ATF

Syncon® Premium EP Gear Oil

Phillips 66® Type F ATF is specifically designed for use in automatic transmissions in passenger cars and light trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company prior to 1977, and in many 1977-1981 models. It also is recommended for use in many Borg-Warner automatic transmissions and older Ford power steering units, as well as in the hydrostatic drive systems and hydraulic systems on certain farm equipment.


• Proper frictional properties for transmissions that require a fluid with high static friction

• Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability

• Protects against sludge and varnish formation

• Protects against wear

• Protects against rust and corrosion

• Good low-temperature properties

• Good seal compatibility

• Good foam resistance


• Service fill in all automatic transmissions and power steering units that require a fluid meeting the requirements of Ford specification ESW-M2C33-F

• Hydrostatic drive systems and hydraulic systems on certain farm equipment