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Rock Drill Oil

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Phillips 66® Rock Drill Oil is an adhesive, extreme-pressure (EP) lubricant specially developed for the lubrication of air-powered tools such as rock drills, jackhammers, pavement breakers and drifters. It also is recommended for the lubrication of mining and industrial equipment operating in wet environments. It is formulated with an ashless, chlorine-free additive package for reduced environmental impact.

Rock Drill Oil


• Non-chlorinated additive package for reduced environmental impact

• Excellent extreme-pressure properties

• Protects against wear and seizure

• Good adhesion to metal surfaces in the presence of moisture

• Resists dripping and leakage and low fogging tendency

• Good oxidation resistance and thermal stability

• Low odor

• Good foam resistance

• Eight viscosity grades for use over a wide range of temperature


• Pneumatic percussion tools such as jackhammers, pavement breakers and rock drills

• Mining equipment such as demolition hammers, chipping hammers and drifters

• Enclosed industrial gearboxes where leakage is a problem