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Paper Machine Oil

Gear Oil GP

Phillips 66® Paper Machine Oil is a high-quality, circulating oil developed for use in modern papermaking machines. It is recommended for use in paper machines manufactured by all leading OEMs. It is specially formulated to provide excellent detergency for system cleanliness while still maintaining excellent water-separating properties.

Paper Machine Oil


• Excellent detergency

• Excellent water-separating properties

• Excellent filterability for use with fine porosity filters

• Good oxidation resistance and thermal stability

• High load-carrying capacity

• Protects against rust and corrosion

• Good foam resistance


• Circulating systems of paper machines, including wet-end systems, dryer sections, and calender stacks

• Circulating systems for heavily loaded bearings where moisture contamination is a problem and operating temperatures are high

• Reduction gears and gear-head motors

• Vacuum pumps and water pumps