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Ecoterra® Rock Drill Fluid

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Phillips 66® Ecoterra® Rock Drill Fluid is a high-quality, adhesive, extreme-pressure (EP) lubricant specially developed for the lubrication of percussion rock drills used surface and underground mining operations. It also is recommended for other air-powered tools such as jackhammers, pavement breakers and drifters. It is formulated with an ashless, chlorine-free additive package for reduced environmental impact.

Ecoterra® Rock Drill Fluid


• Non-chlorinated additive package for reduced environmental impact

• Excellent extreme-pressure properties

• Protects against wear and seizure

• Good adhesiveness to metal surfaces in the presence of moisture

• Good oxidation resistance and thermal stability

• Protects against rust and corrosion

• Low odor

• Low fogging tendency

• Good foam resistance


• Pneumatic equipment such as drifters, jackhammers, pavement breakers, rock drills, and stoppers