Passenger Motor Oils

Chevron Form Oil

Delo Grease ESI HD EP NLGI grade: 1, 2

Chevron Form Oil has been designed to be used as a
concrete form wetting and release oil.

Chevron Form Oil


Chevron Form Oil is a high quality, lightly compounded lubricant which will do an excellent job as a concrete form oil where customers desire a quick clean break from the forms.

Chevron Form Oil is a light colored oil manufactured using specially refined base oils. These base oils possess excellent natural low pour points, good “metal wetting” characteristics, and good natural film strength.


Chevron Form Oil is an excellent concrete form wetting agent. It can be used on forms where a release agent is recommended. Chevron Form Oil is especially recommended for use in the manufacture of precast concrete structures, concrete pipe, and precast concrete curbs and beams.

Chevron Form Oil, with the oiliness additive, does an excellent job in aluminum polishing.