Industrial Oils

Meropa® Synthetic EP

ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants

High quality industrial EP gear lubricants, formulated for outstanding performance and protection in most types of industrial gearboxes. The synthetic base oil tends to increase gear efficiency, resulting in energy savings.

ISO 150, 220, 320, 460, 680


  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
    The synthetic hydrocarbon base oils used in these products provide outstanding stability promoting long lubricant and equipment life.
  • High viscosity index and low pour point
    These result in very broad operating temperature ranges -46°C to 149°C (-50°F to 300°F) when compared with conventional mineral oil based lubricants.
  • Energy savings
    The synthetic base oil will typically increase gear efficiency, resulting in less power consumption.
  • Extended drain intervals
    Long lubricant life, low maintenance costs and reduced used oil disposal when compared to mineral oil products.
  • Compatibility
    Meropa Synthetic EP lubricants are compatible with most mineral oil based industrial EP/R&O gear lubricants, as well as with most PAO based synthetic industrial EP and R&O gear lubricants.


Meropa® Synthetic Gear Lubricants are recommended for many types of enclosed industrial gearboxes, especially those running continuously at temperatures up to 107°C (225°F) or exposed to very cold temperatures as low as -46°C (-50°F), or under severe service conditions, such as heavy loads or low speeds. These products also provide excellent protection for bearings operating under similar conditions.