Industrial Oils

FOB Multi-Way Oil HD 220

Phillips 66® Multi-Way Oil HD is a circulating oil developed for the lubrication of lathes and heavily loaded machine tool slideways. It is specially formulated to prevent stick-slip problems to ensure good surface fi nish on the machined part.

FOB Multi-Way Oil HD 220


  • Excellent anti-stick-slip performance
  • Good surface fi nish
  • Protects against scoring and wear
  • Good adhesion for retention on slideways
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent coolant-separating properties


  • Horizontal and vertical slideways on machine tools, such as lathes, planers, shapers, drilling machines, milling machines, and screw machines
  • Lumber mill saw carriages
  • Pneumatic equipment such as jackhammers, pavement breakers, and rock drills
  • Moderately loaded enclosed industrial gear drives that require an adhesive gear oil with mild extreme-pressure (EP) properties (ISO VG 220)
  • Hydraulic systems operating at less than 1,000 psi (ISO VG 32, 68)