Hydraulic Oils

Quintolubric® 818-02

Syncon® Premium EP Gear Oil

Phillips 66® Quintolubric 818-02 is a synthetic, high water content anti-wear hydraulic fluid concentrate developed for use in hydraulic systems operating in areas subject to fire hazards, such as in steel mills, foundries, and underground mining equipment. When diluted with water, it forms a stable microemulsion that is inherently fire resistant because of its high water content (95%). It is approved by the MSHA for use in underground mining equipment.

Quintolubric® 818-02


• Fire resistant

• Protects against wear

• Protects against rust and corrosion

• Forms a stable microemulsion

• Highly resistant to bacterial growth

• Compatible with conventional water treatment systems

• Readily biodegradable

• MSHA approved (Approval Number 35-A090005)


• Hydraulic systems subject to fire hazards

• Underground mining equipment requiring a fire-resistant, MSHA-approved hydraulic fluid

• Steel mills, foundries, and manufacturing plants