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Triton® FE Diesel Engine Oil

Syncon® Premium EP Gear Oil

Phillips 66® Triton FE (Fuel Economy) Diesel Engine Oil is a premium quality, full-synthetic API FA-4 engine oil developed for fuel economy benefits in 2017 and newer engines where FA-4 is specified.

Triton FE is formulated with the highest quality synthetic base stocks and a proprietary low-SAPS additive package to provide outstanding engine protection in diesel engines specifying FA-4. This additive enhancement provides increased engine protection of critical engine parts, despite lower HTHS requirements of FA-4.

Triton® FE Diesel Engine Oil


  • On-highway diesel trucks recommending FA-4 to meet 2017 emissions standards
  • Mixed fleets with diesel and gasoline fueled vehicles


Chevron Heat Transfer Oils are recommended for use in heat transfer systems where fuel oil, gas, or electricity is used to heat a fluid, which then transfers the heat to the point of application.

In closed, forced circulation systems equipped with expansion tanks, Chevron Heat Transfer Oil Grade 22 can be used with bulk oil temperatures up to 316°C (600°F) and skin temperatures up to 343°C (650°F) where good thermal stability and pumpability are required. Chevron Heat Transfer Oil Grade 22 is also ideal where high heat transfer rates combine with high flow rates, and for systems where repeated heating and cooling cycles are required.

In closed or open systems with forced circulation, Chevron Heat Transfer Oil Grade 46 can be used where bulk oil temperatures do not exceed 288°C (550°F) and skin temperatures may be as high as 316°C (600°F). The oil surface in contact with air in open systems should not exceed 107°C (225°F).

Copper and copper alloys should not be used in heat transfer systems with a hydrocarbon fluid unless air (oxygen) is excluded from contact with the fluid by hermetic sealing and/or an inert gas “blanket.”