Off highway heavy duty

Delo® Syn-Grease SFE EP

Delo® Syn-Grease SFE EP NLGI grade: 0

A high-performance semi-fluid grease specifically engineered for trailer wheel-ends operating in a wide range of conditions. Extreme pressure load carrying capacity. Delivers excellent antiwear, low friction performance.


  • High temperature stability up to 190°C (375°F)
  • Low temperature lubrication down to -45°C (-50°F)
  • Excellent antiwear/low friction performance
  • Extreme pressure load carrying capacity
  • Rust protection
  • Extended lubrication intervals
  • Energy efficiency improvement


Delo Syn-Grease SFE EP is recommended for use in trailer axles. It flows smoothly and evenly at temperatures as low as -45°C (-50°F) and continues to lubricate efficiently at temperatures up to 190°C (375°F). It provides many advantages in trailer axle lubrication, compared to mineral oil-based grease, such as

• Excellent low temperature properties (i.e. lower starting torque).
• Oxidation resistance at high temperatures.
• Excellent antiwear/low friction performance throughout the operating temperature range