Off highway heavy duty

Delo® Grease ESI EP

Delo® Grease ESI EP

A technically advanced, extended service interval wheel bearing, chassis and kingpin grease for a wide variety of on-and off-road applications. Specially formulated for extreme pressure, high load carrying capacity and unusually demanding conditions. 


  • Extended Service Protection to 30,000+ miles/48,000+ km (or equivalent hours)
  • Extreme pressure high load carrying capacity
  • Excellent corrosion and wear protection
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Superb low temperature pumpability


Delo Grease ESI EP is designed for extreme duty in a wide variety of on-highway and light duty off-road vehicle and equipment applications.

On-highway heavy duty trucks — This lubricant is perfect for a wide variety of Class 6 – 8 trucks in most chassis and wheel bearing applications ranging from automatic centralized greasing systems (see Notes A and B) to wheel bearings operating near the high temperatures of disc brakes. This product is for most applications, from owner/operators to fleets (especially those considering extended service intervals of 30,000+ miles/48,000+ km or equivalent hours).

Light Duty Off-Road vehicles — Whether the application is in logging, agriculture or utilities, this grease will perform. Use it in tractors, cherry pickers or any of a number of light duty off-road vehicles.

Automobiles — Delo Grease ESI EP is an exceptional lubricant for high temperature wheel bearings and other high performance automotive applications.

Note A: Delo Grease ESI EP is designed using high viscosity base oils. These oils offer excellent protection in severe duty, high shock load conditions where typical ambient temperatures are above -32°C (-25°F). Before using in applications involving onboard automatic grease dispensing systems in severe cold climate conditions, you should first consult with your equipment OEM specialist or Chevron Lubrication Specialist.

Note B: Not recommended for unheated shops where centralized automatic dispensing systems or long manual grease runs are the preferred method of lubrication and normal operating temperatures are consistently below -7°C (20°F). Delo Grease ESI EP is approved for:

• MB-Approval 265.1