Heavy Duty Motor Oils

Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30

Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30


Delo® 400 LE SAE 15W-40 is an industry leading, premium quality engine oil meeting industry and engine manufacturers’ performance requirements.

It is formulated using advanced additive technology to provide outstanding protection for on- and off-highway applications including 2010 compliant engines of on highway diesel trucks burning Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).

Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 is formulated with ISOSYN® Technology. ISOSYN Technology is a combination of premium base oils and high performance additives with Chevron’s formulating expertise that “Rivals Synthetic Performance” and provides superb diesel engine parts protection – all at an outstanding value. ISOSYN Technology benefits customers by helping:

  • Provide Extended Service Protection
  • Maximize Engine Durability
  • Minimize Operating Cost

Today, Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 meets the most stringent EGR soot control and particulate requirements.

Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 has been specifically designed to meet the demands of EGR and SCR engines while at the same time providing exceptional performance in conventional engines and other engine technologies like Caterpillar ACERT.


Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 is a mixed fleet motor oil recommended for naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke diesel engines and four-stroke gasoline engines in which the API CJ-4 service category and SAE 15W-40 viscosity grade are recommended. It is formulated for engines operating under severe service and a wide range of climatic conditions.

Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 is excellent for use in engines equipped with features like four-valve heads, super- charging, turbo-charging, direct injection, shorter piston crowns, higher power density, intercooling, full electronic management of fuel and emissions systems, exhaust selective catalytic reduction, exhaust gas recirculation, and exhaust particulate filters.

The combination of premium dispersant additives and ISOSYN Technology allows Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 to effectively disperse soot and keep it in suspension. This minimizes the risk of valve train wear, lever polishing, and filter plugging.

It is formulated for exceptional performance with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and low sulfur diesel fuels.

This product is recommended for use in:

  • Today’s on-highway low emission designs as well as in older engines.
  • Today’s off-highway engines including those adapted for current emissions standards in construction, agriculture, marine, and mining applications.