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Rykotac Grease EP

Rykotac® Grease EP is a highly refined grease that clings to metals, resists both water washout and spray-off, and provides cold weather and high temperature performance.

Rykotac Grease EP


Rykotac Grease EP is manufactured using highly refined, select high viscosity index base oils, and a polyurea thickener. It is red in color and tacky in texture.

Rykotac Grease EP contains polyurea thickener, highly refined paraffinic base oil, extreme pressure agents, and a special combination of synthetic tackiness agents. These agents allow maximum tackiness with a wide temperature range for high and low temperature performance.


Rykotac Grease EP is an excellent choice for heavy duty construction or farming equipment operating in both low and high temperatures, chain drives, and other applications in which a grease that clings to metal and resists spin-off is needed. These properties are given by a formulation balanced to provide good cold weather and high temperature performance.

Rykotac Grease EP can be used in both plain and antifriction bearings.

Applications include:
  • Cement plants
  • Construction
  • Conveyor systems
  • Farming
  • General industry
  • Paper mills