Grease Distributor

Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP

Chevron Ultra-Duty Grease EP NLGI grade: 0, 1, 2

Versatile, high pressure greases with good adhesive properties. Performs and protects against wear and corrosion in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications, even in water, mud or dusty conditions.

NLGI grade: 0, 1, 2


  • Shock load protection
  • Load-carrying protection
  • Corrosion and rust protection
  • Water resistant
  • Maximum service lubrication


Chevron Ultra-Duty Greases EP are recommended for use in automotive and industrial equipment operating under most conditions except where very high operating temperatures are encountered.

Typical applications are: mining equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, marine deck equipment, marine deck cranes, oil field equipment, offshore drilling equipment, paper machines, dredging equipment, logging equipment, rock quarry equipment, etc., operating in water, mud, or dusty conditions.