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Chevron SRI Grease

Chevron SRI Grease

A high temperature ball and roller bearing grease suitable for a wide range of applications and high RPM operations. It delivers excellent oxidation stability and bearing protection at operating temperatures up to 350°F (177°C).


  • Wide application range
    Suitable for high rpm operation, operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to 177°C (-22°F to 350°F)
  • Excellent oxidation stability
    Provides exceptional bearing life at operating temperatures in the range of 93°C to 177°C (199°F to 350°F)
  • Excellent rust protection
    Provides rust protection as defined by ASTM D5969 with 10% Synthetic Sea Water


Chevron SRI Grease 2 is recommended:

  • for use in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications
  • for use in antifriction bearings operating at high speeds (10,000 rpm and greater)
  • where the operating temperatures are on the order of 150°C (302°F) and higher