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Cable Lube (old)

Syncon® Premium EP Gear Oil

Phillips 66® Cable Lube is a heavy-duty lubricant developed for the lubrication and preservation of wire ropes and cables. It is formulated with a heavy residual base oil and special rust and corrosion inhibitors, and is cut back with a volatile, non-chlorinated solvent for ease of application without heating. Its low viscosity and special wetting properties permit penetration to the core of the wire rope or cable. The solvent evaporates, leaving behind a tough, semi-fluid lubricant in the core and on each wire strand.

Cable Lube (old)


• Good penetrating ability

• Preserves and conditions hemp cores

• Reduces friction and wear between wires and strands

• Resists throw-off during high speed operation

• Excellent resistance to water washout

• Excellent rust and corrosion protection


• Wire ropes and cables

• Hoists, cranes and aerial tramways

• Logging and mining equipment

• Mill machinery

• Open and semi-enclosed gears and pinions

• Guides and sliding surfaces