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Havoline® Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF

Havoline® Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF

A premium quality synthetic fluid for modern 6+ speed automatic transmissions in a wide range of domestic and imported vehicles. Uses technology  approved by GM for transmissions specifying DEXRON® -VI fluid. 

Havoline® Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF


Minimized inventory cost by having one premium ATF that can be used for the vast majority of modern automatic transmissions on the road today, without the need for supplemental additives or top treats 

Maximum equipment life with an advanced formula that protects against wear, corrosion, and the formation of lacquers, sludge or other harmful deposits

Extended drain intervals because of improved oxidation resistance 

Improved fuel economy relative to conventional fluids because of lower viscous drag

Warranty coverage as an officially approved General Motors DEXRON-VI fluid 

Backward compatibility with all previous General Motors DEXRON recommendations


Havoline®  Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF has been formulated and tested for a wide variety of domestic and import ATF specifications, in both high- and low-viscosity applications. It is approved by General Motors in automatic transmissions and automatic transaxles where a DEXRON®-VI fluid is specified (Model Years 2006 and newer) and is backward compatible in transmissions calling for DEXRON®-II or DEXRON®-III fluids.