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Chevron Lubewatch Oil Analysis

Predictive measures and analysis play an important role. Our LubeWatch® oil analysis program can identify contamination or wear before it results in costly downtime. LubeWatch oil analysis enables you to track the performance of equipment that is the lifeblood of your business. By analyzing oil samples on a regular basis, you can optimize equipment life and oil replacement intervals, identify lubricant-related needs and understand the changing environment within a piece of equipment.

Advertising Assistance

The Havoline Installed program provides support to our valued partners by helping you build your business with exclusive advantages.

When you commit to supporting the Havoline® brand, you instantly benefit from unparalleled merchandising and business support. It’s simple. You commit to a purchase level and you are instantly rewarded with product benefits. The Havoline Installed Program caters to two levels of partners: Builders and Installers.

The Havoline Installed Program rewards partners for their brand loyalty and quality commitment with:

  • Quality Products
  • Free Welcome Kit
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Merchandising Materials and Business Support
  • Installed Advertising Allowance Program (IAAP)
  • Marketing and Merchandise Funds
  • IAAP Funding rewards for product purchases
  • New Customer Welcome kit
  • Radio, Television and Print Manufacturer Sponsored Programs. We are here to help you succeed!

Product info classes

Join us for classes to learn about new trends in the industry, product applications and promotions. Class dates will be advertised on the news section as they become available.