The Nitty Gritty of Owning a Convenience Store

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Leaving city limits and getting out on the open road means leaving behind the familiar and embracing the new. As a convenience/gas station owner, you know that you are an integral part of people getting on the road to start a new adventure. The well-placed convenience/gas duo becomes a welcome respite for weary road warriors as you are there to provide needed fuel and refreshment. But what goes into becoming a convenience store owner?

  • First Location

The city might have more people but comes with steep rent and licensing fees. Not to mention it’s harder to provide independent fuel brands when city dwellers, many times, are looking for name brand gas. Consider moving outside the cities along popular interstate routes to maximize profit and control overhead.

  • Get Your Paperwork in Order

Your convenience store will definitely need the right licensing and paperwork before you can sell gas to customers. After all, gasoline is considered a hazardous material and should be handled by individuals who know what they are doing. Make sure everything is up to date and ready to go before you open your doors.

  • Next, the Right Supplier

Now that you have the place you need the supplies. Fuel supply companies, like Honstein Oil, work with independent gas sellers to provide the fuel drivers are looking for without the huge mark-up that comes along with buying directly from the larger gasoline companies. Do your homework and ask questions to get the best deal on fuel for your convenience store.

  • Get the Goodies

No convenience store is complete without the goodies to keep drivers going. Decide what snacks, drinks and supplies you want to carry and get your re-sale licensing up to date to get the best deal from distributors. Once you have the supplies, make sure your displays are neat, orderly and easy to access.

  • Keep it Clean

People on the road are in a hurry but they will by-pass a convenience store that looks unkempt and dirty. What’s more, if the inside of the store is messy and the bathroom is a mess you will lose customers. Invest in a good cleaning crew to come in once a day and an attendant to make sure the store is tidy during the day.
Once you have everything in order, open your store and let the customers flow!

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