Leave the Car Running in Winter – Does it Actually Help?

On a cold winter day, before driving the vehicle around, you may leave the car running for at least five minutes…But is this advice even valid? Honstein Oil has the answer. No, it isn’t anymore. But, Why? Idling your car means to run the engine without actually going anywhere. In a study of costly car […]

Teen Car Maintenance: Tips for Parents

So you have a licensed driver! First, (in my best pep talk voice-firm yet confident) you can do this! Learning how to drive is the first step. Now it’s time to maintain – an equally important task! With a little guidance about maintaining their car, your teen will be equipped to stay safe and responsible. The […]

Fixing Rust on Vehicles: Expert Tips

Many vehicle enthusiasts find joy in restoring a vehicle. Restoring a vehicle can be a therapeutic process. However, It is important to be aware of the issues you may face, and know how to combat them. When working on a vehicle-restoration project, you’ll most likely run into rust. There will be rust holes or rusty […]

Fuel for Speed

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as being at the race track. The cars race by at deafening speed, each driver trying their best to out-pace their competitors. It really is a spectacle to be at the track on race day. Honstein oil and gas has always had a soft spot in our heart when it […]

Your Fleet and Gas Mileage

Honstein Oil and gas strives to give our clients and customers the highest quality gas, oils and lubricants and to supply optimum fuel support for fleet operators. We are constantly looking for ways to increase our efficiency and send that down the line to our customers. As gas prices fluctuate, so to do the costs […]

The Nitty Gritty of Owning a Convenience Store

Leaving city limits and getting out on the open road means leaving behind the familiar and embracing the new. As a convenience/gas station owner, you know that you are an integral part of people getting on the road to start a new adventure. The well-placed convenience/gas duo becomes a welcome respite for weary road warriors […]

Life on the Road and the Prospects of a Career in Truck Driving

One job most people see but few really know about is becoming a truck driver. From driving a Walmart delivery truck to aiding fuel distributors in New Mexico, truckers make an invaluable addition to everyday societal functions and the moving of goods and services cross country. When all this is considered, it’s important to take a closer look at what is expected of a truck driver.

How to Reduce Fleet Costs

Fleet managers nation-wide are hit with daily costs of running and maintaining their vehicles. Fuel prices, in particular, take a huge chunk out of the budget. Sadly, these costs don’t stay static as the cost of fuel constantly fluctuates. Whatever your fleet budget, there are ways to cut costs while maintaining performance. Below are a […]

The Useful Oil

There are a number of useful elements out in nature; zinc, copper and gold are a few that come to mind. Many elements can be used in manufacturing to create handy everyday items that make life a little easier. Among the most useful substances found in nature, crude oil has to be near the top […]